29 January 2011

::: Gambar Di Universal Studios Singapore


1) Jika anda tengah terkebil-kebil membaca dan mata anda tiba-tiba berpinar-pinar, sila jangan teruskan bacaan. Sungguh, ini entry panjanggggggggg.......!

2) Kalau malas tersangat-sangat, baca yang bold sentences sahaja.. :) See I make everything easy for you.. Baiknyer Arieza.. Baiknyer Arieza..


After consideration, I put some of the snaps we had. Cukup la ada sikit-sikit tunjuk muka kami berdua.. Muka yang lain, takpayah tunjuk pun takpe. Hihihihi... Enjoy! Watermark memang sungguh meriah demi men-censored-kan sedikit muka-muka kami..~

However, the visit to Universal Studios Singaporey 13th of January that day was really a nice opening for this year. That weekend had created so much unforgettable memories into my (and perhaps Incik M's) life.


1) Incik M mahu picked me up from the airport, suddenly before departure he noticed one of the car tires was bocor. Sungguh kasihan pada Arieza. I had to wait for around 1.5 hours at the airport.

2) Awal pagi buta we all dah kena bangun dan waited for the bus from JB to the Resort World Sentosa. Dengan tak cukup tido. Mata serupa Kungfu Panda la jawabnye.. Ape lagi, sambung tidur dalam bus. Siap ada yang berdengkur! We left the car kat JB,to avoid macam-macam benda remeh yang could happen in Singapore - as you may know, the various different speed limit areas, traffic jam yang sangat worst especially dekat connecting bridges tu lagi, immigration yang kerek some more, etc.. Leceh!

3) Sampai sana, gate pun not opened yet. Mahu tak kejang bulu ketiak menunggu for a good couple of hours. So we took that opportunity to cam-whoring around. Then, some cute characters, like my favourite Kung Fu Panda, as well as Mr Frankenstein (he made the kids cried!), came to the front gate. Orang tua yang sakan dengan those characters mengalahkan budak-budak. At the main gate, they will provide a map of the area plus another sheet of paper showing the showtime timings and the period by which different characters will appear on the street.

Ini shot wajib untuk setiap visitor!

Tengok diam-diam. Esok lusa tulat aku akan buang.

Wanna Rock?

4) Around 10 minutes before gate buka, orang dah penuh. Luckily we were amongst the earliest. And even more luckier, it was a Friday of a non-school holiday period! Itu pun dah cukup ramai manusia. Kalau time cuti sekolah or weekends, entah macam mane gamaknya rupa tempat tu. So if you are planning to go there, please avoid public holidays or weekends..

5) Masuk-masuk je, after 50 quick steps menuju ke first ride, tatt tadaaaaaaa, tapak kasut belah kanan aku koyak. F*ck! Tahap yang memang tak boleh diselamatkan. Niat di hati nak aje aku berkaki ayam, mujur Incik M halang! LOL. No wonder la even from Sibu lagi I was having weird doubt to wear that pair of shoes! Actually no one even cared sebab dah kata Universal Studios, so maybe everyone was 'behaving' as though they berada di overseas or to be precise, 'Hollywood' - where people are not nosy or snoopy like our locals. Nak tak nak, kena juga pergi to the Universal Studios Store first. Ada ke patut??? Usually stores are the last place we will go during a park visit, but the converse applied to us! Funny but still, damn you stupid kasut! And yes, I bought a pair of shoes from there, damn not worth it! Mahal sebab they are simply from the Universal Studios not because of the quality~

.See that pinkish bling bling shoes! Itulah the shoes from the Universal Studios.
Harga kan main, tapi... nan hado!

6) We covered all the rides (except a few rides that were closed since middle of last year), from the slowest and the dumbest (actually meant for kids!) to the fastest and the most extreme! Let me give some advise to whoever is planning to go there. If korang cuma boleh pilih 3 rides/shows, please please please visit the Shrek 4D Adventure, the Revenge of the Mummy and the Enchanted Airways. This is UNLESS the Sci-Fi City area is not opened yet. If they open it, all the rides in there are an absolute MUST! And for one particular ride, named the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, please beli the raincoat sold at the queuing area. You may get well soaked.. We got ourselves each but still, separa lencun juga! Plus, jangan buang! Use them if you seat at the 'splash rows' at the Waterworld Live Show. FUN FUN FUN!

Waterworld Live Show. Explosions bom dan fire dia memang semua real!

7) At around 4 pm, we already covered all rides and shows plus all stores. See, we were the champion! Because we tak buang masa ambil gambar kat setiap inci dan bucu - like some cam-whore-lic people did! Our prinsip time tu was main dulu dan enjoy the scenes puas-puas. Gambar tu semua belakang kira. Dengan orang ramai, masa singkat and queue panjang, it is better to use the time wisely. The fun is what we are looking for in the first place kan? The memory will surely fill our brain! Later, if you want several extra memory keepers, then some quick snaps are always enough :)

8) Just few moments after the Waterworld Live Show ended, hujan turun dengan super hebat. Siap petir kilat lagi.. For those yang belum habis cover the rides, memang rugi since the outdoor ones will be closed at that instant. See, lucky us who used the time wisely, we already covered all... Yey!!! Jadi tatkala hujan turun berduyun-duyun, we waited for around 30 minutes at the Waterworld seats. Malas mahu tunggu lama-lama, Incik M persuaded me to just redah je. For the sake of perfect memory dan adventure katanya. Lucky us again, we kept our raincoats!~ Tengok kat luar, ramai orang dah berkaki ayam! Licin punya pasal.. Hish, takkan la semua orang koyak tapak kasut macam aku tadi.. Hikhik~ Haa Incik M, I told you kan, it is okay to berkaki ayam in there! Kan dah ramai pengikut I... :p

Hujan sudah mula berduyun tiba. Still, the show continued greatly.
Siap ada jet pejuang terhempas! Again, it is for real!

Mr dan Mrs Shrek akan keluar pada waktu hampir malam..

9) Shopping spree! Kasut from Universal Studios aku dah dapat dari titik mula lagi. Auw~ Haram mahal dan tak berbaloi. Mahal just for where it comes from and not because of its design or materials (and again, damn you stupid kasut!) Then we bought T-shirt sedondon bersama. Black. Bought some for the family members too~ Happy!

Shop till you drop~

10) Incik M katanya telah dibodek oleh seorang rakan tentang kesedapan sejenis Caramel Pop Corn in there. Makanya he bought la a bucket (sebab they put them in some sort of cute 'baldi'!) kat depan the main store. Sadly, agak kurang enak.. Then, bila Incik M borak dengan his friend last week, baru dia tau yang dia beli kat tempat yang salah seada-adanya! Kempunan serta kasihan. It should be bought dekat the Hershey's Outlet kat luar the entrance gate. Ayyo! Amma! Appa!

Di sini la sepatutnya ada that Caramel Pop Corn yang super sedap tu.

Cair di mulut.. Tak cair dipeluk.. :)

Pokok ini sangat creative dan sangat yummy!

11) At 6.30 pm, masa untuk pulang. Badan masih separa lencun. Hujan masih renyai-renyai. Barang-barang souvenirs penuh di tangan. We had return tickets for the same bus. Naik bus je, terus collapsed. Baru terasa kaki lenguh yang teramat sangat!

12) THE END.... (dah lama tak bercerita panjang... ada yang dah juling? maaf..)


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