21 January 2011

::: My 26th Birthday Blast

As I mentioned in the earlier entry, Incik M and me pergi sambut my belated birthday di Universal Studios Singapore. Oversea okay! Jauh la sangat yer dak?


That visit was really a blast even though some rides were still not open yet. Rumor kata all of them yang tutup tu akan dibuka pertengahan tahun ni. So guys, go and visit!

Well that was not my only happiness for this year's birthday. Incik M pun bagi hadiah lain juga! Oh sangat gumbira gumbira gumbira! Umur semakin meningkat, hadiah tetap masyuk juga~ Suka suka suka!

Dalam kereta before we went to Singapore, he gave me a big gift bag.. Auw~ Ada Fossil Leather Handbag and a cute handmade card. Handbag tu made of kulit kambing biri-biri katanyer. Embekk.. Embekk...

Thank you so much dearest Incik M for the wonderful weekend plus the gorgeous handbag and the cutest card ever :)

Last year dapat Fossil Wrist Watch, tahun ni dapat Fossil Leather Handbag. Tahun depan? Wah boleh start buat collection from Fossil ni... :)

By the way, Abang and Kakak Ida gave me a Kenneth Cole purse too! Hohoho~ Double the happiness! Nanti when I go back home to Kuching, I will get a shot of it. Kenneth Cole is really classy!

Tahun depan mintak Tiffany from semua orang la..~ Terbaek kan? Saya sepertinya materialistik di mata kamu semua ya? Ok fine.. Toilet tissue pun boleh!

Anyway, ini semua hadiah sampingan bagi aku. Yang paling penting, it was their thoughts :)

My happiness is not measured by how much the gift's value is that you ever gave to me, or how big the celebration is that you ever organized for me. But it is measured by how much memory that you have created along my life journey..

To you my olive, thank you for being a part of me :)


| pictures from the Universal Studios Singapore will be in the next entry!!! |