23 January 2011

::: Singapore, A Wonder...

I know I have promised to put up some shots of Incik Macha and me visiting the Universal Studios Singapore last weekend. But I am now having a big doubt on this..

For those who always follow my blog from time to time, korang mesti sedar yang aku rarely letak gambar yang exposed muka aku or muka Incik Macha clearly. Kalau ada pun, untuk sekejap saje then I will remove those related pictures, leaving those showing others - obviously with the exception of my latest entry below, in which there was a picture of the birthday card from Incik Macha, showing him and me on the front page.

So now, I guess it is time for me to apologize. Sorry, maybe I will not upload the pictures of us during the Universal Studios Singapore visit. Or maybe let's hope that I will figure out a way to not expose us in the pictures (maybe blurry effect etc without affecting the background view), since 99% of the shots taken did include either him and/or me in them. Hard choice there.

As if any of you do care, I will put up some of them if I feel it is right to do so. But this is just to ensure that no one is very keen waiting for them. My apology in advance...

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