3 July 2015

::: Al-Fatihah

Adeq Ahmad Firdaus in memory..
21 Sept 1985 - 4 Jul 2015

"I am sorry for not trying harder to reach him. I am really sorry. For his homeworks that I copied whenever I was all lazy, for the nice break and gossip between classes during our Phase 1 medical school, for his hot chocolate whenever winter hit us bad, for his smile and warmth words whenever I was all sorrow and homesick, for his friendliness to my parents during their visits, for his walk home after all the late night movies, for his kind courage whenever I felt I was all hopeless, for his shoulders that I cried on, for the secrets we had shared together, for his jokes that we laughed hard at, for his comfy sofa whenever I felt all alone, for his good heart, happy soul, sweet smile, brotherly love, I am so very thankful. He is in a better place now, I know. He will always be missed. Al-Fatihah. May Allah pay all his good deeds with Jannah. InshaAllah.."

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