26 October 2016

::: Too Secured

There shall be no insecurity
When we hold tight to loyalty

There shall be no jealousy
When we hold tight to independency

| capability |

23 October 2016

::: A Hero

Independent, as hell.

|  i am my own hero |

19 October 2016

::: Near Date

Less than a month to go.
I hope it marks my new destiny.
Im excited, thrilled, happy and impatient.
Yet I feel more lost, not ready, scared and trembled.

But they say true love is not easy.
I know Im finding one.
Finding the right ONE.

| not easy |

16 October 2016

::: Unspoken Uphill

Life seems like an arduous journey recently - with self monologue becoming more negative and destructive than ever.

Im being too tough on myself, and tougher towards others, for that, Im sorry.

This phase will end soon, I hope. Hence do not worry..

| burdensome |

12 September 2016

::: The Not-Sorry

Going stronger. 
Because I have nothing to lose. 
Got so much to achieve. 
Done enough to please.
Wont care if no one ever feel sorry.
Because, again, I have nothing to lose.

| forward |