14 May 2011

::: You Cannot Win All

Dalam 24 kali pusingan jam dalam sehari, macam-macam jenis argument terjadi dalam hidup kita ni. Be it between our brain and our heart, amongst friends. with enemies, even arguments on who is a better fever - Justin Bieber or Nick Carter. Damn it! Arguments are everywhere!

We have the power to decide which one is our stand. We have our rights to give and elaborate endlessly on relevant, or even crap, facts. Get whatever you want. Argue as much as you could.

But one thing for sure, you cannot win them all. Yes, it seems that you kinda win the messy situations - everyone went silent, no more objections, each head nodded in agreement.

Stop. Just for 2 split moments.

You are a fool if you think they really gonna stop arguing by all means. I bet you are not a phycho who can read minds! (Oh, by the way, if you do, then stop reading this! You can simply read whatever I am going to post directly from my brain, right? Use your magical power, dude!)

Believe me, everyone who used to argue with you, did have some degrees of silent debate within their own minds, rejecting your ideas and points instead. Alas, you wont care much. Because all you care about is being successful in keeping your opposition quiet and agree with you, right in front of you.

A fool.. And a fool.. I pity you. Remember, keeping them silent or reaching an agreement doesnt mean that you are in the same good team. You cannot win all!


p/s: I checked my email showing that I received several comments on this entry. But they do not show up here. I dont know what is happening but it seems that they are disappearing automatically. And Im sorry for that. Will try to figure out soon.

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