18 October 2011

::: First Swimming Session

Baby Ilan Nufail is swimming happily! And he is only at 2 months plus of age!

By the way, the session did not last for more than 5 minutes, kata Abang & Kakak. It was Baby Ilan's first dip anyway, in his new 1 metre plus-of-depth pool. Thus, he might not feel that secured yet, dalam pool yang full of water while his foot could not reach the ground. Brave effort, Baby Ilan! :)

However, he is looking positive and he gonna be able to swim good, at an early age. Lets hope so!

Nanti Baby Ilan Nufail dah besar, boleh pergi swimming with Kak Usu ok! Yey!

| I can swim, ALREADY! good job, Arieza. after so many self-taught swimming sessions |