3 January 2013

:: A Letter to You

Dear you,

Just 3 days in 2013, yet so much have happened to me, friend. And I believe, such so did happen in yours too. =)

I now have learn to come to term - to let everything bad passes me as flawless as they want. But to reminisce every single happy moment that I deserve to celebrate.

I want to not question for their reasons to happen, but I will learn to analyze my mistakes - creating changes and moving forward. Forgive and forget, apologize and behave.

I am done letting myself to fall along a bottomless hill. Seeing things around me, make me realize, of what purposes I really live for.

We have family. Yet we spend good time the very least with them. (oh, maybe this applies on me only)

We have true friends. Yet we turn around thinking someone else is better than them.

Sad, regret - for so much that I have missed.

Today, 2 days before I turn 28, I am writing this thing to you, to remind you, my future self, to not look down on yourself during any bad periods. 

Have faith, to face hardships. Accept some facts that no one is perfect. Accept others as they are and deliver forgiveness as they request.

Strength, is what I am working towards. So must you.
Strength to become realistic in achieving dreams. 
Strength to bear with hardships that are really unforeseen.

Ganbatte kudasai, Arieza!
May you realize, upon reading this, that you have made a promise, to none other than yourself. So get up, and have fun in learning about life! =)


| =) |