2 December 2015

::: Life Lessons

As I get older, I become quieter. 

When surrounded by certain people, I choose to remain silent when things get dramatic or critical. It doesnt mean I refuse to discuss on that respective issues. Neither do I feel I am on the losing side. 

I am just plain tired of being in life crisis. That sorts of flow used to look complex and interesting back then. But now, nah, with too much on my plates, I would say I have had enough of those. Really, enough.

For now, let me just be alone. I am happy this way. I am free. I now hate personal commitment. I choose to concentrate on my career. I need not to worry about how to make everyone happy. I focus more on myself. I travel more. I learn more. I pick who I share my personal life with. I can giggle to the littlest joke. I may cry whenever I want. 

I am free. Free of burdening boundaries. 
I am free. I am me.

| the end |