27 February 2009

::: >>> My Journey Home

hi everyone. so i guess this will b my last post before i fly home to malaysia in 5 hours time. i'll b reaching malaysia (kuching, to b specific) on saturday afternoon at abt 2 pm.

1stly, i really want to say million thanks with hugs n kisses to all my friends (my batch, really); amelia, sara, terry, airil, adeq, fathi, raj, sarah, vic, (layin too altho she wasnt in Leicester), plus lily (my batch-to-be) for the great yesterday.. it's been quite a while since we last do things together & yesterday was a superb fun..!

im goin to miss u guys - talking about stupid shits, anak2 bertimbun yg perlu ambik attendance while naik bus mini, mkn landak, paru2, cengkerik & belalang.. good Lord, it was so fun to talk about those damn random stuffs! i love u guys when u all are around..


& guess what, next week u guys gonna b my seniors! & u are 1 year away from becoming doctors! hopefully i will follow u guys 1 year afterwards. insyaAllah. i pray that ur IPE results will come out with flying colours.

but whatever it is, i will come back after summer & we shall resume back our random horrendous hangs out & chit chat.. im goin to miss those awesome days. 4 joyous years of being in the batch, & in a blink of eyes, im 1 year behind. it does take time to accept thing, but i know our friendship will always b there.


last but not least, hope u guys will start ur senior rotation with fresh minds & high drive! (i know! our uni is so f**king zalim!! not giving any proper break before AND after exam!!) u guys will b fine.. u've done ur best & now its time to pray for the best outcome..

& to all jwg.cc's frens, thx too for all those support & encouragement. i guess i will b back soon after im a bit settle in malaysia..

to everyone, have fun! & may ur days ahead b as bright as the sunshine (sunshine kt malaysia la kn,, sunshine kt UK ni, ada sunshine pun mgigil jugak.. buat rugi je.. hehe)

take care..

| ...and then it is time to follow our separate ways |