16 February 2009

::: >>> My Rant

here is an issue that i want to blurt out. it's about this blog.

to all readers yg mbaca blog ni, xkira la sekadar membaca kosong, melepak2 nk bkwn, or betul2 nk memahami aku, 1stly biarlah aku be honest.. my blog is NOT ME.. this is JUST A BLOG, a medium for me to say something, tho sometimes it doesn't really fit with what i was/am/will be thinking. sometimes it is just pure rubbish, sometimes you MAY take something from it but just remember one thing, don't you ever BLAME or JUDGE me for what i write here.


lain org lain tujuan diorg start blogging. but each of us is different. we ARE different tho u might guess that we do share something in common. but NO, we are NOT the same!

whatever yg aku tulis/post kt cni, isn't to illustrate WHOEVER I AM in my real life.

i do welcome any comments or critics.. especially on topics yg aku post dlm label 'My 2 Pennies Worth' sbb posts dlm tu are mostly about facts.. utk kita bljr same2, utk kita discuss certain issues yg agak controversial (at least bg aku bnda tu controversial)..

mknanye, klu korg smpai nk mkn dalam dgn ape yg aku tulis, aku rase baik korg elakkan. klu korg terasa dgn ape yg aku post or ape yg aku response blk for whatever comments u've given me, aku minta maaf awal2. tp toksah la korg smpai nk berdendam ye adik2 abang2 pakcik2 makcik2 sume.. buang karan je..

so to conclude, THIS BLOG ISN'T DESCRIBING ME! u can never know me as a whole thru this blog, sorry.. this is just ain't me...

| im just trying to have fun |