31 May 2009

::: >>> My Chelsea

now, another congratulations, to my 2nd fav club, CHELSEA!!!!! excellent game, the Blues!


altho saha put Everton a bit forward at the very 1st minute, but a good team wont simply become fearless, aite? thanks to Drogba & Lampard. the 2nd goal was a superb left-kick by Frank! and then, even a nicer shot by Malouda.. but too bad, they didn't see it crossing the Everton's line!

Guus Hiddink, you deserve this!

ape2pun, aku puas hati.. both of my fav teams won something this season... a huge celebration for Barcelona & thanks Hiddink for bringing Chelsea back on the run..! a solid Goodbye with highest gratitude for you, Sir..


dah puas bersorak, masa utk kenduri kendara plak.. cuti sekolah start, bermakna, segala jenis kenduri pun start! adehh.. naik pening aku nyah nk fikir nk pakai baju ape.. bankrupt bankrupt!

tghari nanti plak, will be off to Cik Effy's house at Pantai Puteri, Santubong. camping session katenye.. tah2 tdo dalam bilik Effy. masyukkk.... camping atas katil!


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