29 May 2009

::: >>> My Short-Term Wishes

1) i wish i can be 5 years old forever!
nothing to worry coz i will see life as a beautiful rainbow.
craving for fun with unstoppable joy..


KFC Satok's playground
(aik. bile masa pulak ada pakcik berbaju putih sesat dalam playground area tu? dah sonjo dah pakcik oi... tak pueh lagi ko main kojar2 polis sentri eh?)

2) i wish to be rich.. to own the Tiffany & Co..
& i can own my own shopping complex. pick whatever but pay nothing..


the interior design in the Spring Shopping Centre, Kuching
(yg jalur2 keliling colourful circles tu actually air yg flowing down from the uppermost level of this mall... superb idea. loving it!)

3) i wish chelsea will win the FA Cup! hahahahaha..
so what? so at least dapat la a title for this creepy season!


| yet still, congratulations Barcelona!! you rank atop the rest!! the better team won.. |