31 December 2009

::: >>> My Beginning of 2010

today is the 31st of Dec, the last day of 2009, nearly the end of the 1st decade of the 2000th year! & my parents are flying back to Malaysia tonight.. *sigh*

emotion - emotionless
mind - mindless
thought - thoughtless

since the 25th of Nov, they have been patiently living with me in this small little box of mine.. 24hours mengadap muka aku - not missing any single moment! tidur bergelimpangan. sakit2 badan. kesian... tq for the patience!

& since that moment too, they pampered me with good food, good money & good fun. obviously, those are what i always need but not always available (part MONEY tu mmg sgt tepat!)

2009 has been the most challenging year for me. honestly! personal issues, health related problems, monetary crisis, emotional disturbance, study matters etc!

but things happen for some reasons. coincidence coexists to complete the reasoning. i regret nothing. be it things that have turned my life completely upside down, im really thankful for having this great journey. at least one day i can proudly say - been there, done that, through it!

i wish everyone another awesome year ahead. jgn kalut2 nak menyambut sakan. for Muslims frens, Awal Muharram aritu korang tah tau ke tak kewujudnye!

i will never say goodbye to 2009.. but i will shout WELCOME 2010!!!


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