20 December 2009

::: >>> Trip Part 2 : LONDON

last weekend, aku heret parents aku g buat onar di London for 2 days & 2 nights.. malas nk citer pjg2.. not in a good mood anyway.. silalah mencuci mata dgn gmbr2 di bawah!


London Victoria Station

read the sign!

taik kuda!

guard marching in & out

happy plak?

Buckingham Palace

Queens Memorial

London, they are in Love!

amazed by the static guards

kesiannyer diorg ni.. mmg xleh gerak lgsg ek except changing place?

meh sini meh..

comel!! mkn knyg2 tau! aku bg cokelat plg mahal utk ko!

the way to Green Park

in the tube

the underground tube station

kalau nk g Malaysian Hall, stop ar kat this station!

Imperial College, duuh!

Royal Albert Hall, where Datuk S got Datuk K!!!

& now, Datin S wants to tacklt Datuk B! hahaha

maaflah, tak berminat nak join the tour

the Albert Hall's superb architecture!

the Big Ben & the House of Parliament

London's Eye

near Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge! (hey! stop calling it London Bridge!)

Tower Bridge

kbetulan plak time kitorg dtg, the road of the Tower Bridge splitted up for the cruise. cool!

when the road dah bersambung balik, the traffic then resumed too!

inilah Malaysian Hall duhai anda2 semua... bknnye HALL pun!

sila bersedia.... untuk gmbr2 hebat yg seterusnya!

dan kini... kita di Stamford Bridge!!!!!

hoyeh hoyeh!!!


hebat bukan?

mak aku pun support the Blues! (just for the day, probably..)

ready for penalty?

ko tengok,! Ancelotti pun berminat kat mak aku tau!

haaa, ini namanya posing the Blues!

ok cukup dgn bola.. now shopping time.. lets Harrods-ing

haaa, if u go to London, go try this restaurant, near Soho! owns by Malaysians. sedap!

esok awal2 pg, kitorg will fly to Venice, Italy. will stay there for a night. then will head to Paris, France for 2 nights.

will update later!


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