15 February 2011

::: The Father And Mother

For my precious Father and Mother...

For every gross mistakes,
For every small ignorance,

For every harsh feeling,

For every bad emotion,

That occurred to be shown by me,
I am truly sorry.


I might have overreact and being irrational at some points, well many, to be exact.. And I might be the pessimist who always object your endless good intentions initially. True, I am so blind. Too blind to see them straight away, but I am learning to be better, I promise.

Believe me and trust me, deep in my heart, my love for the two of you is immortal. I wrote your names in every drops of my blood, every beats of my heart, every moments of my existence.

I am still a stubborn young lady. I am not used to say my love out loud, I am not used to excellently show that I always miss you two being around. Because I am still a stubborn young lady - playing and contemplating on her stupid imagination, her stupid ego, and her stupid boundaries.

Whatever words that ever slipped out of my mouth, or whether they were just being softly hummed within my heart that could ever hurt the two of you in any way, again I beg, please believe and trust me for certain that I never meant them to be in such way.

Definitely, you know me better than I know myself.
For everything, I am sorry.
For no ending, I love you deeply.

| Alhamdulillah.. |