14 January 2012

::: Life Is Not Equal To Career Only

Back in 2009, in one of Leicester's Hospitals. A very late afternoon. In the psychiatric building. I surveyed the surrounding alone. Just to familiarize myself with the wards. Bear in mind, when you are attached alone in a clinical setting, you do not want to be lost and late on your first day, next monday.

So I walked around, humming my own tune silently. Then I met a couple. Nicely dressed. They stopped and greeted me.

Mr C: Hi dear. This late alone, are you visiting someone, perhaps?

Me: Hi. Oh no. Just walking around. I am a medical student attached here.

Mr C: Great. Good prospective for your future. We are back from visiting our nephew.

Mrs C: He used to be very excellent, in study, in career, in everything. Now admitted for some mental disorder, as we have been informed. Stressful life, then he became alcoholic and miserable. Pity him..

Me: Aaa. Sorry to hear about him. Your family must be very devastated. (Well.. We were trained to show empathy. I think I did it well because that time, I was actually in a rush, catching the hospital hopper, and not really in a mood for a conversation!)

Mr C: So, we got to make a move. You must not forget to enjoy your life, dear. Career is not the only purpose of living.

Mrs C: Your future job is well known rewarding. But remember sweetheart, have some breaks, explore the world, before you regret it like what our nephew did.

Me: Thank you Sir, Madam. For the concern. Will sure to enjoy life to the fullest, despite this hectic requirement of life. All the best for your nephew.

Mr and Mrs C: Good luck. Bye then.

So I walked home. And my brain was mumbling, 'Well, if only they know why you are alone in this clinical setting now. You used to be in pair, but not anymore.'


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