26 January 2012

::: The Minack Theatre

2008, Pre-Summer Holiday. The Minack Theatre, Cornwall.

For a greater view of this world famous open air theatre, click HERE!

By the way, kalau korang nak honeymoon, sila la pergi CORNWALL! Aku recommend dowh.. Preferably, driving. Jalan-jalan yang fun and adventurous. Scenery yang superb! Oh anyway, aku pergi sana bukan untuk honeymoon..


Too often we envy the life of others but we always forget that there are others who envy ours too. All in all, be thankful for what we have, as I remind myself as often as I can. But too often too, the ungrateful mind slips inside the greedy me..

'They' are enjoying their life now. So what? I already had what they are now having. I already had done what they are now doing. I already had been to where they are now going.

I now realized, how lucky I am... Alhamdulillah..


Wah Friendster punye site dah reformat rupanya? Habis hilang segala entries aku dalam blog pertama zaman noob aku kat situ. Terrrrrrlalu banyak entries dalam tu. Mostly the entries were written when I was still in the UK..

Nanti kalau aku rajin, aku buat entry pasal the Minack Theatre. Dulu aku dah tulis berjela kat blog Friendster, skali semua entries hilang dek kerana ke'dungu'an Friendster yang reformat site tanpa prior notice! Fool! Pui to old school Friendster! Facebook punya pasal, Friendster jadi habuk! Pui lagi sekali to Facebook pulak! Pfffttttttt!

Oh sedih bertambah berbakul-bakul... More than 5 years of jotting down great memory hilang begitu saja??

| but of course, there are times, I really miss my England years |