5 January 2010

::: >>> My Arieza Is 25!

well, i know it is not the 5th of Jan yet in the UK. but according to my birth cert, i was born in Malaysia! indeed, it is already pass midnight back home!

Happy Birthday Arieza! (tepat! aku mmg tgh syiok sendiri.. ada aku kisah?? hehehehehe)


firstly Alhamdulillah, the merciful Him gives me another year of journey. please guide me through this unpredictable life.

anyway, unfortunately papa & mama got back home too early that i missed another birthday with them around.. thx abg & kakak too for their warm wishes.

i know how deep their love is, without them saying a word. indeed, i know their love is for eternity.. thx so much papa, mama, abg & kakak. i love you all the most!


to incik sabarudin, my special thx to you, my dear. im really touched by the gift. thx for being by my side as always. i lip lap lip lap u! *giggles*


to all frens, endless list it is, those who were sending texts, emails, YM IMs, Fbook walls, Fbook messages, calls etc (world is just becoming too sophisticated aint it?), million thanks dude! your warm is sufficient enough to make my happy tears drop. may our frenship lasts. insyaAllah.

25 years a.k.a. a quarter of a century old, i am. i've been through countless things. realistically, even more to come. i wish myself the best, that's for sure.

| tua sudah...~ |