3 January 2010

::: >>> My True Colour?

hipokrasi! aku benci!!


really, let me be honest. i think, mat salleh a.k.a omputeh byk yg plastics - meaning a lot of them are those hypocrites. pergh! sakit jiwa!

depan muka kita dia ckp 'great', 'awesome', 'lovely' etc.. dekat belakang actually mcm2 'criticism' yg diorg ada but prefer to simpan dlm hati (note that i mentioned critics NOT condemns!).

why cant u say it out loud bast*rd/b*tch?

dont you know that sometimes criticism is what people need the most? 'ordinary' people do have some dissatisfaction, hatred, jealousy & other negative feelings in them. just be frank & say it politely..

you CAN'T and DON'T HAVE to please EVERYONE! (peeps, this is not rocket science..!)

tapi ramai jugak di antara diorg yg quite outspoken.. but their 'too civilized' nation tend to be pretty plastics. evil!


| plastic is non-degradable, harap maklum! |