31 January 2010

::: >>> Syurga England!

damn, i miss the 2008 road trip to Cornwall. the 10hours drive from Midland was really worth it!

in my previous post, i mentioned about the Minack Theatre - one of the great attractions in Cornwall, the west of England Land. you may try to go to Sennen Cove, Lands End and St Ives too. they are all around Cornwall.

i really recommend at least once in a lifetime visit there. how about for honeymoon? forget the typical Paris, je t'aime... it is so late 70s! having honeymoon in a caravan -what more can you imagine? super romantic okay!

Sennen Cove

Lands End

St Ives

St Ives

superb bukan? hari tu hajat ingin bawak parents ke sane tak kesampaian. winter yg sungguh horrible. cancelled segala plan. but Spring or Summer time is the best period to visit this place. surely a world's heaven!

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