14 February 2010

::: The Undeleted Blog

hey peeps. im back. want to know why the comeback happens so fast - exactly 24 hours post-strike? huh. funny. strike ek? aku parti pemberontak. mau join?

actually, few mins ago, i was listening to the Hot FM online radio streaming. out of a sudden, a Chinese song was aired. i guess it means 'hey hey amoi apek nyonya semua, selamat taun balu cina maaaa!'

this song was kicking my ass off my chair! so hell hard that i felt so high. damn happy meh.. why? ada unknown aura kot. the 'dung dung chey, dung dung chey' tone was extremely inspiring and made my brain neurotransmitters rush out. gosh! such a magical!

untuk mcsue, suki, wachak, mario, mrKulanz, missgee, mrDarkBatman, thanks for the concern.. and million thanks to my private counselor. really appreciate your advice. anyhow, i am now haunted by the Chinese New Year song, which i cant even explain why.

maka di Tahun Baru Cina 2010 ini, bertemakan tarian naga (ke singa?) berentak dung dung chey, aku mengucapkan Gong Xi Fa Chai. selamat makan rendang sambil main mercun yg bersaiz XXXL.

Valentine's Day? just one sarcastic advice for you guys - Go Fuck Your Valentines since they arent wearing any panties (heard about the dumb-ass campaign aite?). and dont forget to buy the 'morning after pill' - just in case your bf hate to wear the multi-flavoured condom. keji! period!

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