14 October 2010

::: Sunway College

2003-2005. A Level. Sunway Monash Condo. Sunway College.


I had a good friend, Farah, as my housemate. Dia bilik sebelah. Single room. Aku kat shared-room, with another chinese roommate. So setiap kali malam menjelma, Farah will come over to my bed. Kalau tak lama pun, seminit dua pun kira jadi lah. Selalunya before dia pergi mandi, dia akan singgah just to say hi. Bila time lewat tengah malam pulak, aku akan datang meronda pergi bilik dia. Ganggu dia study and menyanyi. Sebab singing is her favourite hobby and she does have a good voice too! Maka selalu sangat terjadi aktiviti 'kami meniarap sambil buat kerja buang masa' kat bilik dia.

Weekend je, we merayap to Sunway Pyramid. Paling kurang pun, having fun watching TV all day long! Or maybe cooked together, but our main menu was usually chicken nuggets or scramble eggs with mayo! Hahahaha so unhealthy yet we love it!

Selalunya weekend akan ada functions kat Sunway Lagoon. So from Farah's room corridor, kitorang akan skodeng cuci mata sambil menikmati music yang super loud dari those ongoing functions. Then we kutuk-kutuk any events yang pasang music entah hape hape merapu meraban.. Buat sakit taik telinga.

But still, we were like enjoying the Sunway Lagoon's events for free!! Just from her corridor. Heaven! Fireworks were almost there every weekends!

We had funs,
we shared gossips,
we played with make-ups,
we stayed up till late just to chit chat about stupid stuffs,
we laughed and teased each other,
we copied each other's homeworks,
we came late for classes,
we did last minute revision,
overall we had funs!

Damn. I miss her. Now she is already a pharmacist. Here in Malaysia. Graduated this year from Bath University I guess. The last time I met her was 2 years back. That was when I traveled from Leicester to Bath to visit her and have some run away vacation with my Sunway College's friends back in UK.

If only I have time to meet her up again. This time for sure in Malaysia! Yes our home country! Not in UK anymore!

I miss those moments! Missing her so much!


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