7 October 2010

::: Trust

Trust itu kepercayaan. Betul? Yes.. Betul..

I honestly have issues with trust, since I was little. I hardly trust people. True. HARDLY! Because I have piles of experiences that make me see people as unreliable living things. The trauma taught me so great in judging people at first instance. Not that I said my first impressions are always correct, but hey, dont deny that all of us have our own stereotype thinking, arent we? I know you are nodding silently.. Huh.

Believe me. For me named Arieza, it is not easy to learn to trust at least 1 person - even parents, siblings and the most loved one. Trust is to be gained, not given. With that secrets of past, it seems so impossible to trust at least one person! But yet, I LEARNT!!

When I said I trust you, meaning I am willing to and have sacrifice so much to overcome that great deal of my own fear and past. Thus, I beg any of you - who I already trust, who I already have faith in - to listen, to share, to love, to live together - please dont take that trust for granted. Once it is ruined, I swear I will never give it again. And I swear, you are not the one that deserve to gain it in the first place!



Hari-hari ada orang sakit. Hari-hari ada orang mati. Hari-hari juga ada kes buang bayi. Hari-hari ada orang disakiti. Hari-hari ada orang menggapai bahagia. Hari-hari ada semua benda. Apa yang tak ada? Semua ada. Macam-macam ada.


Hidup.. Bak deretan jutaan pentas drama yang tak pernah lekang dari gelak tawa, tak pernah lekang dari titis air mata, tak pernah lekang dari segala emosi dari jiwa.

Kau pilih apa? Aku pilih apa? Kiri kanan laluan tak sama. Tapi biar kita janji jumpa di hujung sana...


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