22 April 2012

::: Home From Bandung

Assalammualaikum and hello everyone!

I disappeared for quite a good month, huh? Actually I was in Bandung, Indonesia for an Elective Posting. I completed the 1 month posting at Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin, under Padjadjaran University.

That 1 month was nice, with ups and downs, bitter and sweet memories. Packed with new knowledge and experiences. Pergi sana bukan takat ber-elective je, nyah.. Kena ambik peluang bercuti sekali~ Itu hukumnya HARUS. Memang terbaik walaupun dilanda keracunan makanan yang agak teruk. Disaster!

After sebulan di sana, then I came back to Malaysia few days ago. Spent several days in the West Malaysia first. Enjoying moments with loved one, few family members and friends. Even headed to Cameron Highlands...~ Woot woot!

And best of all, I received tremendously lovely and great treats from Incik Macha too! Surprise! Surprise! Thanks Incik Kekasih. Auwch~

I just came back home from KL last night. Nak kata jet-lag, memang mustahil sebab Bandung pun only 1 hour later than our Malaysian time.

Nanti lah aku story lagi.. With amazing photos and stories to come!


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