15 December 2014

::: Go

All my bags are pack
I am ready to go

/ fly high /

13 November 2014

::: 010114

| taken |

30 July 2014

::: Happier Than Ever

No argument.

| life is all about Him |

28 July 2014

::: Allahu

Maha suci Allah
Pemberi cahaya
Untuk segala yang Dia cipta
Pemberi jalan
Untuk segala yang Dia hakkan
Baru sudah aku tahu
Maha benar seadanya ujian
Maha benar seadanya kecelakaan
Apa sahaja yang masih berbaki
Tunjuk aku
Jalan ke syurga
Beri aku
Bahagia ibu bapa
Kirim aku
Imam yang tak berdusta
Salam dari perantauan
Jauh jauh dari kenangan
Dekat dekat dengan kebenaran

| what a truth |

7 July 2014

::: Hello World

| journey begins |

8 May 2014

::: You

Thank you
For being
Too good to be true

| living a dream ♡ |

4 May 2014

::: Tired

There are times..
I am just too tired..
- of being nice
- of being responsible
- of being friendly
- of being detailed
- of being helpful
- of being hopeful
- of being everything

That I can
- for my patients
- for my career
- for my future

Because I have missed and will further miss
- countless hours of my sleep
- hundreds of my loved ones' weddings
- hundreds episodes of my favourite tv shows
- thousands moments of my family gathering
- many opportunities to meet someone new

Just to care for some ill strangers

But one thing keeps me moving
Keeps me smiling
Is what I hold deep within 


I shall be thinking
"Would the doctor be
- nice
- responsible
- friendly
- detailed
- helpful
- hopeful
- and everything that is positive?"


3 minggu lepas, aku oncall EOD. Sikit lagi nak jadi gila. Setiap oncall pulak jonahnya Masha-Allah. Melampau-lampau. Selalunya oncall aku 60% cold.

Tapi minggu tu entah kenapala semua oncalls aku panas membara. Admissions tak henti-henti. Emergency OT sampai ada 14 open appendicectomies. Tak termasuk case laparotomies lagi.

That week, my total hours of sleep hanya 15jam. Hebat. Mata jadi panda.

Hari terakhir postcall, boleh pulak aku tertidur masa driving, Mak Jemah oi.. Sedar-sedar dah accident. Kesian. Dengan jujur aku cakap kat mamat tu "Sorry. Saya tertidur masa driving. Penat".

Gamaknya dia kesian. Or terkejut? Tengok muka persis katak aku. Yg berminyak tak bermaya. Pucat. Lepas 4 hari oncall sepanjang minggu.


My boys are both so lovely. I will love you till Jannah. InshaAllah. Semua ini memang sekadar pinjaman Allah. Tapi cukup. Aku syukur sebab sempat merasa. Disayang dan menyayang =)

| jonahness continues |

7 March 2014

::: Oppa

I guess my recent posts had escalated several things up on the other side eh? I knew it would. Huh.

Too obvious. Too obvious.

Keep on rolling dude. Roll until you are done. And crashed.

| ♡ Kang Gary |

27 February 2014

::: Living Out

Have you ever heard about any tale about living as a backpacker? Well if you never did, then you are not that interested enough to pursue your journey as a real backpacker then..

A piece of bag pack. A pair of shoes. Two to three pairs of jeans. Less than five pairs of tees. A pair of sunglasses. A suit of raincoat. Some little toiletries. A good map of certain cities. A cute dictionaries of certain languages. A good amount of money.

And set you go! Fly free, like the little bird..


Say something, I'm giving up on you
I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you
Anywhere I would've followed you
Say something, I'm giving up on you

And I will swallow my pride
You're the one that I love
And I'm saying goodbye


| see you around! |

26 February 2014

::: Faith

Those two taught me well, on fear and hope. Yes, never take a simple fear for granted. Always offer hope, for it is worth a good life and a pretty smile.


Little, but definite.
Is fear.
Small, but great.
Is hope.


Hello aeroplanes! We meet again! Serve me well. Bring me good journey!

| faith is just plain beautiful |

22 February 2014

::: I used...

I used
To have a happy life
I used
To have a great friend
I used
To have a good lane
I have a happier life
I have a greater friend
I have a better sane
Game on.
In your face.

| that is just right |