21 September 2017

::: The Colours

Life aint just black and white.
Neither it is just rainbows and candies.


Cant wait for next January.
Hello clouds, wish me well and happy.


Maybe we shall change our aim.
Not just to travel abroad once or twice every year.
Lets aim for Umrah every one or two years. 
Shall we?


Holy Land. MashaAllah. 
It is beyond inifinite peace. Tak boleh digambarkan sekadar dengan kata-kata.
You have to go there yourself to experience all these unexplainable emotions.

Mencium hajar aswad, solat di Rawdah. 
Tiada sedetik pun bimbang perihal dunia.
Setiap masa mengejar-ngejar pahala.

I swear that was the best 'holiday' I ever had in my entire life.

You could give me million visits to any places on earth, but I swear nothing is ever better than seeing Kaabah with your own two eyes.

I hope I can be there again, maybe in 2018 / 2019?
InshaAllah. Jom sama-sama pasang niat.

| Lets do this. Aim for it. Work for it. |