31 October 2009

::: >>> Sila Melekitkan Badan Anda

chicken pox meninggalkan sisa baki mereka hingga membuatkan muka korg berdesign polka dot? adik beradik kandung & adik beradik tiri jerawat membuatkan kulit gebu korang seperti terlebih hormon taik lalat mengalahkan datuk sharifah aini? kurap2 membuatkan daki2 anda tenggelam di lautan kurapan?

beli & tempekkan lotion ini di badan anda! mula2 mmg la xbest coz melekit, tapi then pastu alamilah keseronokan membelai diri sendiri tatkala kulit korg dulu yg sekasar sisik ikan talapia tiba2 menjadi selembut kain sutera dari terengganu!

jgn segan silu! pisang itu emas! hidup banana...! selamat mencuba!


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30 October 2009

::: >>> The Penguin Milk Choc Quiz

for those who live in the UK, diorg for sure tau kewujudan a milk chocolate bar, called The Penguin.. very the colourful! kalau korg x tau, mmg leh pack barang2 korang cpt2 & pindah tinggal kat Zimbabwe or kat Kepulauan Andora..


the special thing about this choc bar is that, each wrapper has its own question, regarding penguins.. & they put the answer below the outer fold of the wrapper. funny aint it? but fun!

you think you can beat the IQ of those penguins? i included several of their enjoyable questions below.

come, give them some try!! oh btw, jgn tanye aku kenapa jawapan mereka itu begitu.. usah ditanya kenapa....~ (bold the next line after each question to have a look of their respective answers..)


1st question : What do Penguins sing on a birthday?
Answer : Freeze a jolly good fellow.

2nd question : Why are Penguins good race drivers?
Answer : Because they are always in the pole position.

3rd question : What do Penguins have for lunch?
Answer : Icerburg-ers.

4th question : What's black & white and goes round and round?
Answer : A penguin in a revolving door.

5th question : What do you call Penguin in the desert?
Answer : Lost!

6th question : How does a Penguin makes pancakes?
Answer : With its flippers.


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29 October 2009

::: >>> Michael Jackson's This Is It

finally, the day had arrived.. yesterday, i went to the cinema for the Michael Jackson's This Is It Movie..

a must-watch.. enuff said..


"This is it. I just want to say these will be my final show performances in London. This is it, when I say this is it, this is it. This is the final curtain call." - Michael Jackson.

dont miss this opportunity to experience the 'closure' of his life.. when i was watching the movie, i forgot that he is no longer with us. but it seems that his journey of life, his love of music, his love towards humanity, his love to the world, is still alive.. & will always be with us.

for those who thought that this movie is going to be a 'typical documentary' about his life (well, i guess we all had enough of them from the TV), no it is not. watching it will give you the experience as if you are watching Michael Jackson's This This Is It comeback concert, which was supposed to be held in July, in London.

aku curik2 ambik a shot of the movie while watching. geez! jgn tgkap aku!!

the preparations, the rehearsals, the dancers team, the musicians, the choreographers, the directors, the lighting crews etc, all of them are simply superb!! Michael Jackson really knew his music, he really knew them by heart. no doubt!

sadly, it wasnt & isnt happening anymore.. the plan was perfect, but....


so guys, go & watch it yourself.. experience the This Is It.. Really, this is it...!

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28 October 2009

::: >>> My Future Career 2

sambungan dari this post...

2nd situation..

Doc J : Hi, good afternoon. How are you today?
Mr M : Too bad too bad.. Not feeling well. Everything is out of control.
Doc J : So, tell me more about it? Is your tummy pain getting worse?
Mr M : That day i went to my GP, he said this is nothing serious. But...
Doc J : Hold on hold on.. I wanted to know whether the pain is still there or getting any worse?
Mr M : You should know it! Dont ask me..
Doc J : *sigh... long sigh.....*
after Mr M left...
Doc J : Do I have anything written on my forehead saying 'Do not answer my questions! OR Ignore my questions!'


3rd situation..

Doc J : I have a medical student with me today. Do you mine if she sits in with us?
Mrs K : Well, I normally say no. But I guess today, I am quite alright with that.
Doc J : Are you sure? No pressure, really.
Mrs K : Yeah. I mean it. I normally say no. I usually say no. But it is ok now.
Aku : *blur..... ape kes? ulang benda yg sama byk kali. nk bagi hint suruh aku kuar ke?*


erkk.. macam2 kerenah!~

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26 October 2009

::: >>> My Yey to Liverpool

the awaited match baru je hbs.. Liverpool beats MU 2-0. tahniah amat2 to Liverpool.. berjaya akhirnya mengkentutkan MU.. maka Chelsea di push lagi naik to the top.. (p/s: kami dari The Blues.. sekian..)


kepada incik sabarudin ku sayang, eiman, wan hafiz & kawan2 lain yg bersorak utk team Sir Alex, lain kali cuba lagi yek anak2 semua.. bola itu bulat.. matches ada byk lagi kan.. kejar lagi kejar lagi! ganbatte'! tho u win 1 hell of a big game, doesnt mean u gonna win the league..


eh btw, starting from today, daylight saving dah tamat.. meaning, clock kat UK undur 1jam ke belakang.. so nyah2 sume yg berada di malaysia, our time gap now is 8 hours. no more 7 hours. harap maklum..

kat cni pun dah mula dah musim hujan tak menentu, angin mengganas.. tanda2 autumn mmg dah tiba, & winter tgh on the way nak mai.. tidak suke! hujan sahaje xpe lagi. part angin tu yg xtahan tu! boleh terlondeh segala benda..! terdedah la segala rahsia sulit kami.. paklong2 mmg suke la kan, leh cuci2 mata bersama angin bayu..

compound area residency kitorg pun dah mule jadi gurun daun. pokok2 dah start membogelkan diri sendiri. aku pulak dah xleh nk seksip2 dalam bilik dah. mau beku menjadi ice cube? terpaksalah menjadi anak2 eskimo di dalam bilik..

so ape2pun, Liverpool & MU showed a good game. aku pulak yg sakan bersorak sorang2 tadi.. 'kesian..' kate incik sabarudin....


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25 October 2009

::: >>> My Memory

2nd posting for the day..

few mins ago, a random visitor shouted typical thing in my shoutbox.. without any intention, forced by the boredom that strikes me earlier, i clicked his/her link to have a quick look of his/her blog.


Wali Band - Orang Bilang

pergh! tibe2 aku rasa syahdu.. ngape ek?? teringat kisah2 lame ke? kisah zaman suke duka dulu2.. dgn kawan2 senget yg really kept me happy..


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::: >>> My Ennui

of all colours, why did i choose black?

why did i pick TWO when i can put more in the vase?


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23 October 2009

::: >>> Through My Window Now Revealed!!

hi nyah sume! ingat tak last week i wrote a post on a song entitled Through My Window..

i asked you guys to have a sneak peek at their website, www.everyoneconnects.net & joined most of us solving the mystery of who they really are!! well if u are the super nerdy type, u wont be bothered to have any guess.. booooo you!!


well, at 8pm Malaysian time tadi, they revealed themselves.. it is actually a project by TM! & their offcial song is sang by the Bunkface!!

damn it!! the mystery is now revealed!!! very cool project by TM.. they are going to reveal bits by bits of their upcoming programmes for this project, making the 'not-super-nerdy' to keep on wondering & guessing.. well played, TM!


u shud try & have a look at their official video clip... cute 'drama' of a paper-cut boy, helped by 'normal human beings', to get to his GF who is in the opposite building..

damn cute! go watch it HERE!! while THIS IS the official video banner concert by Bunkface.

| i love surprises.. |

::: >>> My MJ's This Is It Movie Ticket

Michael Jackson's This Is It movie will be launched next Tuesday, 27th October 2009 (US time)..! more than 15 global premieres will occur simultaneously around the world!

the tickets pre-sale begun on the 27th September. & 2 days after the pre-sale started, this arieza, who is really aware of 'non-educational-only' current issues, booked & paid 2 tickets to watch the movie..

yey! i will be watching this mysterical & controversial movie on the 28th of October with a friend of mine.. sadly couldnt join the premiere because it will be at between 1 to 4 a.m. UK time.. a big NO unless i plan to skip the next day class.. how how?


whatever it is, i've secured my place for that most-awaited-for movie!!! yehaaa!!! how about you guys?? not interested eh? boooo...


i read the news saying that premiere tickets in many countries were sold out after a few days of the pre-sale period.. awesome aint it??!!

but one thing for sure, there would be some of you who read this post have NO CLUE about what i am writing about! hey hey! go update yourselves!

READ HERE for more info..
CLICK HERE to watch the official trailer..

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22 October 2009

::: >>> oh My!

some of us are pure insensitive human beings
i can be nasty too but i know where to apply well-mannered behaviour
oh My!

yes i do hate hypocrites
they are too plastics!
oh My!

have you ever learnt the meaning of appreciation?
have you ever appreciate anything that has been given to you??
oh My!

just make sure you are never too late to realize
before everything is gone..!
then it's ur turn to say 'oh My...'


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21 October 2009

::: >>> My Abg's Engagement Day

hey hey.. here are few great shots taken by Syuk, the photographer, on my bro's engagement day. Million thanks to Syuk for his awesome work..


note: since my bro shared the raw pics with me thru YM, i guess u guys know that d size & quality were altered during the sharing process. so, i had to do some editing to several pics. but still, the superb shots were by Syuk. (click the pic for better view)

they did an outdoor session too but sadly, i havent received any of those from my bro.. well, enough said, hope those who requested to see the pics in this blog, enjoyed the above shots..

to see more from the photographer, please visite HERE or HERE or HERE.. agak2 korang nak book, sila la.. worth it!

| thanks Syuk |

19 October 2009

::: >>> The Rhythm - EveryoneConnects.net

Everyone Connects - Through My Window
(download this song HERE)

"Don’t want much, I just want everything
Thought that I could, do almost anything
One step in front of the other
Thought that I could do it alone.."

probably, ramai yg belom tau kewujudan lagu ni.. aku pun xtau byk pasal lagu ni. yg aku tau, lagu ni dok dipromote kat HotFM.. sedap jugak lagu ni btw..

try usha THIS WEBSITE to know more... (coz aku pun xberminat to know more.. aku berminat ngn this song je)


| lyrics dia best! |

::: >>> My Walk Home

yuhu! alhamdulillah abg aku dah selamat bertunang smlm. gmbr2 dari Syuk, the photographer, belom siap editing lagi. if ada updates, aku post in the blog later ok?

eh btw, ni nk tunjuk 'haunted street' yg aku lalu if pegi to or balik from gym.. sungguh boleh terkucel if tibe2 ada sesuatu muncul dari blkg.. utk menyedapkan hati yg gundah gulana, slalunye aku pasang mp3 kuat2, xpun aku buat2 joging (actually nak sampai cpt ke rumah)..

the endless walk

haaaa satu lagi.. glass fav aku kan dah rongak mggu lepas, so aku pegi memburu a new cute glass. ngape ek kena beli lagi? sedangkan aku ada je 1 set pinggan mangkuk of 12 pieces + 4 glasses. but still, kena beli 'a proper' fav glass. aku buang tebiat ke?

artistik bukan? yeah!

tapi aku puas hati ngn this new glass! murah tu yg penting tu! GBP2 je. tinggi lampai. boleh masuk microwave, oven, freezer, fridge, sume boleh! incik sabarudin pun kate chantek.. *wink wink*


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