15 December 2016

::: Soul Searching


| for Allah |

4 November 2016

::: Confession

It has been a while since I experience this feeling.
Of being.. Hmmm
No, not loved.
But beyond...

I cant describe.

There are boundaries
That we know will forever exist
That put quote like 'loving doesnt necessary mean having'
Sounded as painful as hell

But those eyes...
Those words...
Those frequency...
Are beyond love

We crave for attention
For each other
We feel complete

This feeling that we have
May one day grows too much
But we will keep it just within us
No one shall let it be seen

No, not the feeling of loved
But beyond...

| midlife crisis |

28 October 2016

::: Time Off

Time spent well

| free |

26 October 2016

::: Too Secured

There shall be no insecurity
When we hold tight to loyalty

There shall be no jealousy
When we hold tight to independency

| capability |

23 October 2016

::: A Hero

Independent, as hell.

|  i am my own hero |

19 October 2016

::: Near Date

Less than a month to go.
I hope it marks my new destiny.
Im excited, thrilled, happy and impatient.
Yet I feel more lost, not ready, scared and trembled.

But they say true love is not easy.
I know Im finding one.
Finding the right ONE.

| not easy |

16 October 2016

::: Unspoken Uphill

Life seems like an arduous journey recently - with self monologue becoming more negative and destructive than ever.

Im being too tough on myself, and tougher towards others, for that, Im sorry.

This phase will end soon, I hope. Hence do not worry..

| burdensome |

12 September 2016

::: The Not-Sorry

Going stronger. 
Because I have nothing to lose. 
Got so much to achieve. 
Done enough to please.
Wont care if no one ever feel sorry.
Because, again, I have nothing to lose.

| forward |

31 August 2016

::: Free

Hello Malaysia!

| the smell of our home |

22 May 2016

::: A Break


| Work hard, play hard |

9 March 2016

::: Cukupkah, cukuplah

Amal kita
Sedekah kita
Ibadah kita
Iman kita

Konon cita-cita
Menjenguk rumah Yang Esa
Namun sedikit tak ada gusar
Membikin noda dosa

Jangan ditambah bakul-bakul dosa


| cukup-cukupkan |

5 January 2016

::: For Things We Cant Say, Write

| alhamdulillah |