22 December 2015

::: Secebis Dosa

Near end of my 30 years journey.

I have been well blessed by The Almighty Allah
I have been showered by His magical happiness
I have been granted with things that I dreamt of
I have been much enlightened by His enormous guidance

Nonetheless, I know..
I have a dark history
I had committed big sins
I had walked across His boundaries
I had forgotten Him in many ways

In which I always regret
For what I have done unto myself
That distanced me from His better way

We always know that Allah is watching
But why do we still commit such wrongdoings?
Do we forget what is heaven or hell?
Or do we just live to satisfy the greed and shaytan?

Upon Him I pray
For our soul to be cleaned and aware
That He is watching
All for the goods He will redeem
And for those sins, we definitely need to pay

| in a painful memory, i wish to never stay |

2 December 2015

::: Life Lessons

As I get older, I become quieter. 

When surrounded by certain people, I choose to remain silent when things get dramatic or critical. It doesnt mean I refuse to discuss on that respective issues. Neither do I feel I am on the losing side. 

I am just plain tired of being in life crisis. That sorts of flow used to look complex and interesting back then. But now, nah, with too much on my plates, I would say I have had enough of those. Really, enough.

For now, let me just be alone. I am happy this way. I am free. I now hate personal commitment. I choose to concentrate on my career. I need not to worry about how to make everyone happy. I focus more on myself. I travel more. I learn more. I pick who I share my personal life with. I can giggle to the littlest joke. I may cry whenever I want. 

I am free. Free of burdening boundaries. 
I am free. I am me.

| the end |