31 December 2010

::: Alas (English, Not Malay)

The above title is in English. What a day. I hate today. Today only. Seriously, I hate. Not forget to mention, I hate today too! Damn it, today is full of hatred~! *sigh*

Ok ok ok. Let it go.

Wonderful life. Indeed. When I said wonderful, it doesn't mean perfect. Wonderful for its balance of good and bad, of happiness and sorrow, of success and failure.

I have been surrounded by various types of people. Ranging from the very human to the very alien. Ranging from the brilliantly-genius-plus-awesome-plus-damn-wealthy people to the most-foolish-plus-annoying-plus-desperate-plus-alienated ones. Gosh, two extremities that really amazed me.

2010 is coming to its end. Colourful experience. Black and white. Dark and bright. Evolution and resolution. Not to deny, there are things that I still cannot let go. Few things. I tried, still trying, and will keep on trying. Very few things. When I think about it, about them, about him, about her, about us, I feel my heart is torn apart.


But I keep on telling myself, I must be strong, I must move forward, I must think ahead.

Great life. Bright future. Who doesn't wish and pray for it? Who doesn't long and work for it? It has been 25 years of great opportunity. 25 years of metabolising oxygen and consuming energy. What a tiring cycle. A quarter of a century. Unbelievable. I am a quarter of a century old! Damn it!

Several more days before I turn another year older. And when that day comes, I will reveal another story.

| I am not in any way special :( |