11 December 2010

::: It Is Annoying...

...to see a lady, perhaps a grown-up lady matured enough to be called a mommy, whine about LOVE almost ALL the time on Facebook. Damn you Facebook!

Good Lord.

Yes we know you are a lady with heart full of love, beauty and optimism. But please, STOP making such 'announcement' about what you feel about love and life, and how your love and life go around.

Goodness sake, you think all Facebook users are dumb as such that we cannot read in between the lines? Certainly we know you are seeking for some degree of attention there, perhaps from the guys especially? Or are you waiting for the 'prince charming', to whom you always meant them to, to grab the not-so-twisted meaning and send you some warmth of concern?

Gosh. And euwww..~ Fuck me for reading them too! Biatch!


| move on, you MOMMY!! |