6 April 2010

::: Pesanan Penaja Untuk Kawan-kawan

In this life, doubt is everywhere. Success is somewhere. To the naysayers somehow it is like a wild goose chase. I, sometimes, am one of them. Staggered by the blow of obstacles, I try my best to keep on moving forward. Be it crushing or stabbing, that pain I will always perceive as a stimulus that give me some sort of strength to be on this little track to a future.

Once I used to fall and cry on the ground. Thank you everyone for offering me your hands to grab, shoulders to cry on & ears to share when the chips are down.

Now that I am able to stand up again & continue my endless run. Sorry because along this same little track I seldomly stop by to say hi. But friends, all of you are always in my heart.. That one, I spare no doubt.

Me sincerely,

| hello kawan- kawan..~ (dengan tone rendah, sila ikut intonasi Raja Lawak Musim 1, sambil bercekak pinggang separas dengan ketiak) |