21 October 2009

::: >>> My Abg's Engagement Day

hey hey.. here are few great shots taken by Syuk, the photographer, on my bro's engagement day. Million thanks to Syuk for his awesome work..


note: since my bro shared the raw pics with me thru YM, i guess u guys know that d size & quality were altered during the sharing process. so, i had to do some editing to several pics. but still, the superb shots were by Syuk. (click the pic for better view)

they did an outdoor session too but sadly, i havent received any of those from my bro.. well, enough said, hope those who requested to see the pics in this blog, enjoyed the above shots..

to see more from the photographer, please visite HERE or HERE or HERE.. agak2 korang nak book, sila la.. worth it!

| thanks Syuk |