9 October 2009

::: >>> My Sweet Recovery

well, u guys might be wondering, wth did i post recently.. honestly, u shud just know nothing. it is better that way.. knowing isnt the answer for everything.. kan kan kan?


so ni nk story ckit.. this morning, i felt a bit weak still, headed to Cardio Clinic with high hope..

mission hari ini : ask the consultant to sign my form for the end of block assessment.. (yup, i know, my medical school is still like a primary school. do admit).

i sat in the consultant's office, still wondering about what had happened last night.. tried my best to stop worrying.. and thanks Lord, i managed!

then Prof G came in, terus ckp 'well we are quite short of docs today. mind to sit with my reg?'.. aku yg penuh baik hati pun senyum & explained.. 'bla bla bla.. mintak sign.. bla bla bla.. last day..'

Prof G dgn lembut berkate, 'ok pls sit with Dr A, he will teach & assess you'.. eh aku pulak jadi pelik.. confused seperti alzheimer patient pulak dah..

bkn ape, 2weeks ago one medical student told me that this Prof G is 'a nasty piece of work' (ni ayat budak tu tau. bkn aku yg reka). he doesnt acknowledge medical students.. sbb tu aku avoided pegi his clinic all this while..

to my shamed!! HE IS NICE!! (haih.. i shudnt membati buta believed what others told me abt others...)

actually bkn tu cerita yg aku nak story.. terlebih pjg pulak mukadimah hari ni ek? ampun!

therefore, i sat with Dr A, the registrar. he was damn good. too good.. he taught me a lot! actually, too MUCH! glad that he was there..

ok ok back on track.. 1st patient came in. Dr A & i masuk la the examination room & greeted the patient.. few mins after ckp2 dgn that patient, suddenly Dr A bangun.. turned right, & walked 2 steps forward.. 'eh ngape plak Dr A ni? marah ke? tibe2 plak?'


rupa2nye.... dia pergi kat cermin, touchup rambut dia!!! ayyoo!!! stress nyer bai!!! kasik aku heart attack betul lah Dr A ni.. mmg la dia not bad, well kempt, fit, young (hensem? maybe...). ade plak boleh bgn tibe2 time patient tgh happily bercakap, just for his brief make-up moments...


aku pasrah je nengok dia gitu.... kelakar! after that moment, i got sudden strength & confident to speak out my opinions & questions. everything went well.. Prof G popped in once, to check on me, asking me either im happy with his reg or not.. wah.. terharunye.. sungguh la caring..

Dr A was really awesome.. assessment went well (tho a bit gagap gak time present history to Dr A).. Alhamdulillah.. everything was over.. this monday, a new cramping block, GI & Metabolic Care, is coming up!

& now i realized.. yesterday i might b crying, but today, He helps me to get thru it.. He is always by my side, really.. having one bad day, doesnt mean that im goin to have years of bad days..

| applied in medicine & life : learn from the history.. the answer is always there.. |