12 October 2009

::: >>> My Lists

The Media
  1. My HP Pavilion dv3500 Entertainment Laptop
  2. My Samsung F480 Tocco
  3. My Olympus X42 12MP (tho a bit crap, but i still love it)

The Instruments
  1. My Organ
  2. My Keyboard
  3. My Guitar

The Vehicle
  1. My Myvi
  2. My parents car (leh pakai sampai pgsan tanpa perlu risau pasal minyak)
  3. My bro's car (kdg2 kena paksa isi minyak jugak.. hoh busuk!)

The Bears
  1. My Si Boncet
  2. My Si Montok
  3. My Cik Puteh

The Persons
  1. My Parents + Bro + Future Sis In Law (they are getting engaged this weekend! yey!!!)
  2. My Precious Him-Who-I-Shudnt-Reveal (i cant stop having you)
  3. Myself

one of the patient i met last week told me....
'i am worried if i got nothing to be worried about..
it is worrying to not worry at all...'


| if no 1 & 2 in THE PERSONS are not worried, im convinced enuf to not to worry |