23 October 2009

::: >>> My MJ's This Is It Movie Ticket

Michael Jackson's This Is It movie will be launched next Tuesday, 27th October 2009 (US time)..! more than 15 global premieres will occur simultaneously around the world!

the tickets pre-sale begun on the 27th September. & 2 days after the pre-sale started, this arieza, who is really aware of 'non-educational-only' current issues, booked & paid 2 tickets to watch the movie..

yey! i will be watching this mysterical & controversial movie on the 28th of October with a friend of mine.. sadly couldnt join the premiere because it will be at between 1 to 4 a.m. UK time.. a big NO unless i plan to skip the next day class.. how how?


whatever it is, i've secured my place for that most-awaited-for movie!!! yehaaa!!! how about you guys?? not interested eh? boooo...


i read the news saying that premiere tickets in many countries were sold out after a few days of the pre-sale period.. awesome aint it??!!

but one thing for sure, there would be some of you who read this post have NO CLUE about what i am writing about! hey hey! go update yourselves!

READ HERE for more info..
CLICK HERE to watch the official trailer..

| this is it!!!!! |