14 October 2009

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1st situation..

doc J : hi Mrs H. how are you feeling today?
mrs H : not too bad. feeling much better & hope to be home by this weekend.
doc J : erm.. actually Mrs H, do you know why we had to scope your bowel last week?
mrs H : nope. no one tell me anything.
doc J : why didnt you ask?
mrs H : well, will it make any difference?
doc J : do you want to know?
mrs H : yes, tell me about it please.
doc J : we suspected that you may have cancer. but at this moment, we couldn't do much about it.
mrs H : owh? that's it?
doc J : are you fine knowing that? i'm sorry i have to tell you so.
mrs H : don't worry dear. i'm fine & will be fine. i accept whatever that's happening in my life. Lord gave it to me because He loves me more. He knows i can handle that. so why must i feel bad?
doc J : you are a strong lady. if you need anything, please give us a shout. we are here.
mrs H : thank you so much for taking care of me. doctors are great humans. they care for strangers. sometimes your own kids never want to wipe your tears away. but doctors, they are too kind..


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