9 October 2009

::: >>> My Lost

for d best of our interest, i will let you go..
may one day we will meet again, & fall in love, again..
if destiny isnt ours, then we have to accept the way it is..
in my heart, in my soul, you are the best i ever had..

to him-who-i-shudnt-reveal, tho we have to stop loving..
i know, & you know, that we cant really stop the feeling..
let the fantasies fade away, and run for our dreams..
we are goin to be just fine.. just fine, sayang..

it is time to change. really, it is..
maybe He wants us to see a brighter life
in here and in the hereafter
just believe that He will bring us back together

i will always be that girl..
and you will always be that asshole..

dont forget, to come back..
i am always waiting..


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