23 October 2009

::: >>> Through My Window Now Revealed!!

hi nyah sume! ingat tak last week i wrote a post on a song entitled Through My Window..

i asked you guys to have a sneak peek at their website, www.everyoneconnects.net & joined most of us solving the mystery of who they really are!! well if u are the super nerdy type, u wont be bothered to have any guess.. booooo you!!


well, at 8pm Malaysian time tadi, they revealed themselves.. it is actually a project by TM! & their offcial song is sang by the Bunkface!!

damn it!! the mystery is now revealed!!! very cool project by TM.. they are going to reveal bits by bits of their upcoming programmes for this project, making the 'not-super-nerdy' to keep on wondering & guessing.. well played, TM!


u shud try & have a look at their official video clip... cute 'drama' of a paper-cut boy, helped by 'normal human beings', to get to his GF who is in the opposite building..

damn cute! go watch it HERE!! while THIS IS the official video banner concert by Bunkface.

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