28 October 2009

::: >>> My Future Career 2

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2nd situation..

Doc J : Hi, good afternoon. How are you today?
Mr M : Too bad too bad.. Not feeling well. Everything is out of control.
Doc J : So, tell me more about it? Is your tummy pain getting worse?
Mr M : That day i went to my GP, he said this is nothing serious. But...
Doc J : Hold on hold on.. I wanted to know whether the pain is still there or getting any worse?
Mr M : You should know it! Dont ask me..
Doc J : *sigh... long sigh.....*
after Mr M left...
Doc J : Do I have anything written on my forehead saying 'Do not answer my questions! OR Ignore my questions!'


3rd situation..

Doc J : I have a medical student with me today. Do you mine if she sits in with us?
Mrs K : Well, I normally say no. But I guess today, I am quite alright with that.
Doc J : Are you sure? No pressure, really.
Mrs K : Yeah. I mean it. I normally say no. I usually say no. But it is ok now.
Aku : *blur..... ape kes? ulang benda yg sama byk kali. nk bagi hint suruh aku kuar ke?*


erkk.. macam2 kerenah!~

| kena ke jd saiko time sakit? bawak2 la mengucap.. |