11 November 2009

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5th situation..

Doc T : hey N.. read this article (& passed the BMJ magazine to Prof N)
Prof N : hermm.. interesting... a Professor is charged for some ethical issues? certainly NOT ME!
Doc T : how much did it cost him?
Prof N : (keep on reading... then after about 20secs...) he is paying 20,000 pounds for that!
Doc T : only 20k? i got that amount last few weeks from on-calls! he shud be charged more..

damn! he is earning that amount in less than a month?? oh my!!! consultants are the freaking super-rich-insane geniuses!


6th situation..

Doc C : how do we operate this ECG machine so that it prints out something? urgent!!
Doc A : ok cool down. let me read the manual.. do we have time for that? hahahaha..
Prof N : well i believe that sometimes, things can function better with a big heck of smack..!
Doc A : maybe not this time, Prof.. (sambil terus tekun membaca manual book itu)
Doc C : (sigh) i am certainly a lady.. we ladies can do organizing but patience & rationalizing are not ours..

whoopp whoopps!! sungguh tepat kan? perempuan tak la seberapa penyabar sebenarnye.. i do admit the facts tho.. too bad, guys! not THAT bad if u guys plan to marry guys too..

ish ish.. luar tabiee tu nyah.. jangan weh jangan~~!


| moral of the story : alcohol makes you go stupid! |