21 November 2009

::: >>> My Me Named Arieza

A - ambitious
i always put my target high. be it in academic or personal life. or shud i say, i tend to be 'over-hoping'. at times i do realize that my shot cant even reach the bottom of it. thence, it hurts myself.. kesian..

R - rhythmic
everything comes in beats. & too often i arrang my steps & movements in proper musical patterns without anyone noticing this non-sense habit!

I - intimate
people’s typical 1st impression of me - 'unapproachable + hot tempered'. i wont deny that those harsh attitudes are in me. but if u get the golden opportunity to know me closer, u sure will find the opposite personality of mine. (im so dearie tau! hahaha..)

E - ego
this self-esteem is crucial, i suppose. so i wont let others make a fool of me. dont ever try to bite my head off then! or else, u are trying to trigger my anger!

Z - zany
i believe that i have an amusingly unconventional lifestyle. quite different that it’s hard to be articulated. indeed, each of us has this wackiness, which explains the diverse colours of our lives.

A - antigenic
dont let me get into u. although distant means that u gonna miss my intimacy, but proximity might cost u several bad side effects. aware!


| anyone who knows me well?