13 November 2009

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7th situation..

Mr B : although this pain is getting worse, i just want to be with my family..
Arieza : did the doctors tell you anything about the next treatment plan?
Mr B : they said nothing can be done anymore. im afraid that this pain is staying with me forever, young girl..
Arieza: erm...
Mr B : this morning, i woke up feeling sick of this pain. but then i looked upon the bright blue sky. in split second, i knew that i must keep on going. i must be strong..

along with those words, i could see his eyes were getting red. then tears started to run down his old cheeks. but he kept on smiling. a smile that i will never forget.. he reached for my hands and said..

Mr B : however sick you are of so many unsolved problems, you must remember, there are someone out there who still love you.. so keep on walking! this tears of mine, is tears of hope.. i will never give up.. you must not too.. ok, girl?
Arieza : yes sir. i know you will always be strong. and so will i..

and i squeezed his pale hands softly.. the hands of the man who is optimistic about eternal happiness.. and he who believes on hope...


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