4 November 2009

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4th situation..

Doc P : we are certain that this problem is due to your drinking habit. so may i know how much do you drink?
Mr H : not much. i dont lie.. really not much.
Doc P : how much is not much?
Mr H : everyday. but why do you want to ask? it is not important. but i live with my mom.
Doc P : ok. so why are you telling me about living with your mom?
Mr H : i dont know. i just live with my mom. i drink with her.
Doc P : i heard that your mom has alcohol problem too, doesnt she?
Mr H : i know, we live together. where am i now?
Doc P : so how much do you drink everyday? 1 bottle? 1 can?
Mr H : my mom... my mom... errr... my mom..
Doc P : it is ok then. we maybe need to talk to your mom a bit later.
Mr H : nuts. who are you? i dont have drinking problem. im just turning yellow!
Doc : that's what we call jaundice. it's ok. you have a rest.
Mr H : you nuts!
Doc P : (senyum je...)
Arieza : (berkata di dalam hati - indeed, doctors are all nuts! yes we are! these nuts help you!)


| moral of the story : alcohol makes you go stupid! |