24 November 2009

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8th situation..

in the operating theatre 7. patient was already on the table.
everyone was there.. the Specialist Registrar (SpR) Vascular Surgeon was there too.
except the Consultant Surgeon..!

Mr A the SpR : may i have the shaver please. i need to shave our patient's pubic hair..
Anaesthetist : A, i think we need to insert urine catheter to this patient. he hardly passed any drops since 2 days ago..
Mr B the SpR : sure. will do it.

he continued doing his shaving & catheterization.. silently, all on his own.
suddenly, while Mr B was holding a urine catheter on his right hand & holding the patient's penis on his other hand.. he said (with high volume)..

Mr B : huh. while im doing THESE, my boss (the consultant) is happily sipping his hot cup of tea in the coffee room..! hahahaha (sarcastic laughs, they were!)
Anaesthetist : that's why we call him our boss! dont worry, your time will come soon..

Mr B cracked a bitter smile, perhaps for himself..
the higher you climb up the ladder, the less (dodgy) works you are ought to do..


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